Survivor-Sensitive Media Reporting

Reporting in a way that is survivor-sensitive - but how? The UBSKM team and the Survivors’ Board have created a service for the media: reporting tips, free-of-charge and non-scandalous stock images and other tools for survivor-sensitive reporting about sexual abuse.

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Media Tips for Survivor-Sensitive Media Reporting

Sexual violence is - in whatever form - a drastic experience for those who survive it.
This gives journalists a special responsibility to report sensitively - in order to protect the survivors. This means not only taking a sensitive approach during the interview, but also more intensive preparation and follow-ups than is normal with other types of research.

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Tips for Survivors when Dealing with the Media

Interviews about the personal sexual violence that you suffered can be extremely emotionally challenging. Before you agree to an interview, you should be aware that the entire process up to publication will involve placing a certain amount of trust in the work of journalists. This is precisely why it is helpful if you make a conscious decision in advance about which questions you will accept and those that you find unacceptable.

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Stock Images relating to the issues are free to use

Here you will find images that can be used free-of-charge by editorial offices, media professionals and anyone interested in images that are far removed from the usual clichéd portrayals or false myths relating to sexual violence issues against children and adolescents.

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Point out the Help Services in your reporting

Quite often survivors or people close to children increasingly look for help and support services after reports are published about the issue.
When you report about sexual abuse, you should refer to the nationwide offers of help provided by UBSKM, e.g. as part of a reference text or a binder or by including / inserting the Sexual Abuse Help Portal or Sexual Abuse Telephone Helpline logos in your report.

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Webanalyse / Datenerfassung

Die Unabhängige Beauftragte für Fragen des sexuellen Kindesmissbrauchs möchte diese Website fortlaufend verbessern. Dazu wird um Ihre Einwilligung in die statistische Erfassung von Nutzungsinformationen gebeten. Die Einwilligung kann jederzeit widerrufen werden.