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Organised Sexualised and Ritual Violence

What is meant by organised sexualised and ritual violence?

Organised sexualised violence is the systematic use of severe sexualised violence in combination with physical and psychological violence inflicted by several perpetrators and/or perpetrator networks. It is often associated with commercial sexual exploitation, such as forced prostitution or producing abuse images.

If an ideology serves as a justification for violence, then this is referred to as ritual violence. Such an ideology can be religious and occur in the context of cults and sects or it can be derived from a political belief, e.g. as found in racist or fascist groups.

Organised sexualised or ritual violence often begins in early childhood

In some cases, those who suffer from it are forced into functionality and obedience from early childhood through the systematic and repeated use of severe violence, which is usually implemented through strict hierarchical structures. This can result in a child's personality being split into several identities (dissociation), which sometimes is precisely what the perpetrators intend.

Those affected by this type of dissociative identity disorder often have difficulty recalling memories of what happened to them. It often takes years of therapy for someone to recognise their own inner being and to be able to access their memories, even if it is only fragments that they can remember. This often means that the descriptions cannot be understood or reliable and the survivors are often not believed. In addition, survivors who want to break away from these violent structures are blackmailed, pressurised and even persecuted in many cases

More information about the organised sexualised and ritual violence issue can be found at the Sexual Abuse Help portal.

Through their new practical guidelines for practices, N.I.N.A. provides support, advice and encouragement to specialists who want to escape from organised sexualised and ritual violence structures. Helpers have many urgent questions when it comes to establishing protection and security and supporting the survivors in their attempts to escape from perpetrator networks.